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      Check out our mobile ROSS Application and Product Guide. Easily search resources, browse images, and learn about ROSS products.

          • Industrial Mixers

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              • Industries Served
              • Pharmaceuticals & Medical Supplies

                Pharmaceutical Mixers

                ROSS serves the requirements of the Pharmaceutical industry, in virtually every industrialized country around the world. We have the experience and production capacity that no other manufacturer of specialty mixing and blending equipment can match.

                1. Plastics and Composites

                  Plastics Mixing Equipment

                  ROSS mixers, blenders and dispersers are used throughout the plastics and composites manufacturing industries.

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                        1. Others

                          Industrial Mixers, Other

                          ROSS mixers and blenders can be used in a wide range of applications, and we are constantly researching new application for ROSS mixers.

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                              Applications for Industrial Mixers

                              In virtually every industrialized nation, ROSS equipment is now the #1 choice for mixing, blending and dispersion. Since the company was founded, we have built a world class reputation for innovative engineering, superb construction and fast delivery.

                              View Mixer Applications >

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                              1. Customer Support
                              2. Resources
                              3. Webinars

                                ROSS Webinars

                                Our interactive webinars are online training tools developed by ROSS to help customers make the right purchasing decisions when it comes to the proper mixers/blenders for their mixing processes.

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                              4. Whitepapers

                                Mixing Whitepapers

                                Over years of research and testing, we've written a number of studies outlining best practices for mixers, the right blenders for every application, and how to determine the correct size product to perform at maximum efficiency with our whitepapers.

                                1. Worldwide Facilities

                                  ROSS Facilities

                                  ROSS has its sales offices and facilities located worldwide for all of your mixing and blending requirements; with equipment facilities in the United States, China, and India.

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                                        Mixing Resources

                                        Providing the most insight and information towards our mixers and blenders, our Resources section is designed to help customers make the right choices when selecting the proper mixers in their next application.

                                        View Resources >

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                                                2. Company
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                                                    • Contact Us
                                                    • Call to learn about our In Stock Rentals
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                                                      Contact ROSS

                                                      Contact information for our Corporate Headquarters, along with contact information for all of our manufacturing plants and worldwide facilities.

                                                      Contact Us >

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                                                        1. View Cart
                                                        2. Buy Online
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                                                                          To request more information about ribbon blenders, or to request a quote, fill out our request form.

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                                                                              1. ROSS Ribbon Blenders, Paddle Blenders and Cylindrical Vacuum Dryers meet the toughest standards for quality and long-term performance. These blenders are offered in many customizable configurations, from laboratory sizes to 1000 cu. ft. Our attention to detail is meticulous because every detail in design and fabrication translates to an increased production value for the end user.

                                                                                pes 2020 rabona Horizontal Blenders ensure well-balanced, homogenous lateral and radial blending of ingredients. Design options include vacuum capability, heating jackets, high speed choppers to quickly break apart agglomerates, spray nozzles for uniform liquid addition, automated valves and many others. Customers can rent from our vast inventory as their custom blender is being built.

                                                                                Our blenders and vacuum dryers are widely used in the manufacture of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, plastics and composites. rahul-tewatia

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