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      Check out our mobile ROSS Application and Product Guide. Easily search resources, browse images, and learn about ROSS products.

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          2. Industrial Mixers

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            1. Contact Us
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            3. Request a Quote

              Request a Quote

              To request more information about a particular mixer and application, or to request a quote, fill out our request form.

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            5. Sales Offices

              ROSS Offices

              ROSS Mixers has sales offices located throughout the world to handle all of your mixing and blending needs in any location.

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                1. Call to learn about our In Stock Rentals
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                  Contact ROSS

                  Contact information for our Corporate Headquarters, along with contact information for all of our manufacturing plants and worldwide facilities.

                  Contact Us >

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                4. Buy Online
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                                  In virtually every industrialized nation, ROSS equipment is now the #1 choice for mixing, blending and dispersion. Since the company was founded, we have built a world class reputation for innovative engineering, superb construction and fast delivery.

                                  The following list is a broad sampling of the industries and applications that are helped worldwide by ROSS equipment.

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                                  ROSS Mixers provides industrial mixing equipment for applications that range from low viscosity miscible fluids to dispersion of high viscosity dissimilar materials.

                                  Learn More

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                                        Within the aerospace and aviation markets, ROSS Mixers and Blenders are used to produce a variety of materials, including abradable coatings, advanced ceramic composites, energetics, and rocket insulation.

                                        Learn More

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                                          Installed in manufacturing facilities around the world, ROSS Mixers are known for efficient and accurate batching of pastes, gels, slurries, solutions and powders used in various battery types and chemistries.

                                          Learn More

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                                                Cannabis-infused products and medical marijuana are at the forefront of an innovative and promising industry. ROSS has the expertise to effectively incorporate any active ingredient in a full application viscosity range.

                                                Learn More

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                                                Typical chemical applications of ROSS' industrial mixers include low to high viscosity mixing, dry blending, emulsification, particle size reducation, powder induction, and vacuum processing.

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                                                  ROSS High Shear Mixers and Multi-Shaft Mixers accomplish a variety of processing objectives in the cosmetics and personal care manufacturing industries.

                                                  Learn More

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                                                        ROSS food industrial mixing equipment includes Dry Blenders, High Shear Mixers with SLIM Technology, Dual Shaft and Triple Shaft Mixers, and Double Planetary Mixers.

                                                        Learn More

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                                                          With Industrial Mixers having a direct correlation to the perfomance, strength, and durability of final product, ROSS Planetary Mixers are ideal for ceramics, composites, glass, and metals.

                                                          Learn More

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                                                          ROSS High Speed Dispersers, High Shear Mixers, Three Roll Mills, and Multi-Shaft Mixers are widely used for various applications throughout the ink, paint, and coatings industry.

                                                          Learn More

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                                                          ROSS mixers and blenders are regularly used for preparing pet foods, supplements, and medicines for pets and animals.

                                                          Learn More

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                                                            ROSS Sanitary Mixing Equipment meet phamrmaceutical industry regulations to ensure end products that are safe, pure, and effective - with custom mixing solutions to deal with high level of dispersion complexity.

                                                            Learn More

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                                                              ROSS Industrial Mixers are well-proven in manufacturing low to high viscosity dispersions within the plastics and composites industry, from foams, to polymer additives, to epoxies.

                                                              Learn More

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